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Host Bob Long
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The Radio Program guaranteed to get you the VERY BEST deal on your next new or used vehicle. There is no trick other than to arm yourself with a little education. This is really simple. Bob Long walks you through the entire process every week.
Things you must know when purchasing a vehicle! 

(1)   The invoice price of the new car you are purchasing. Bob Long will give you that information.
(2)   Your Credit Score. We will help you find it at,  no cost.
(3)   The trade-in value of your car. Be truthful. Bob Long will help you.
(4)   Line up your financing in advance, if you can. Bob Long will show you how to do this.
(5)   Use the Loan Calculator to estimate the cost of your new car.

Purchasing a Vehiclecan be one of the most difficult decisions you will make. Don't let this exciting event be hampered by pushy, fast talking sales people. Bob Long will can help!

When to purchase a car, Is there a better time of month to purchase a car? Listen to Bob Long. Bob has the answer. Do you buy a car when the new cars first come out or at the end of the month or year?

Paying cash, can you save money paying cash? 

Trade-in or sell direct, Should you sell your car on Craig's list or trade it in on a new car? Bob knows!

Leasing or Purchasing? Bob Long will give you the best advice.

Can shopping abound for your new car damage your credit?  You bet it can! Bob gives you great advice! Don't get "Shotgunned".

Bob's Automobile Trivia: Call 877.711.5211 during the Deals on Wheels Radio Show and WINN!
Click on the Loan Calculator to determine what your new car will cost you every month, above.
Don't be fooled by this guy!
Let Bob Long help you make 
the best deal possible!.
Bob Long
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Pre-Arrange your auto Financing
Pre-Arrange your auto Financing
Not part of the contest. Cars, simplified. It's more than a tagline for, it's a core philosophy that guides our editors to bring you what you need to know to make an informed buying decision. Our editorial staff drives every car it reviews, bringing a unique perspective to new car reviews and test drives. Instead of obsessing over spec sheets and track times, our hands-on reviews tell you what your day-to-day life with your new car will be like in your in your commute, when you're running errands, and when you're just out just out having fun on the weekends. When you're done researching,'s easy-to-use Buyer's Guide will connect you with a dealer in your area who will help you get the best price on your new car.